High Risk Life Insurance

Am I A Candidate For High Risk Life Insurance?

High Risk Life InsuranceThere are many life insurance carriers out there, and for the most part, they all treat various issues differently.

High Risk Life Insurance quotes and premiums can vary between providers. Some are friendlier to particular issues than others, so it’s important to consider these factors when determining which company to apply with. So, how do you know whether your case falls into the category of “high-risk”?

Let’s explore some common factors to see how they might influence your ability to get affordable term life insurance coverage.

Different forms of life insurance are written differently, too. For example:
  • Term life insurance coverage will be evaluated by underwriters separately from an application for whole life insurance or universal life insurance coverage.
  • Multiple carriers may not fit your needs exactly (searching 50 to 100 carriers can be time consuming)
  • Versatility in the market holds promise for being able to find someone who can provide affordable term life insurance (or other forms of insurance) and valuable coverage.


Are you a smoker? Then you may have to look at smokers life insurance premiums.  This may not always be considered high risk. But, depending on the carrier you could end up paying more then your typical standard rate.

History of Cancer

The majority of companies will consider someone with a history of cancer, provided that full medical records with details are provided. They look at:

  • How long the person has been stable (longer the better).
  • Grades of tumors and cancers to will determine which risk class you’ll fall into.
  • It’s also important that the potential insured has continued regular follow up with their doctor with normal results.

Diabetes and Cholesterol

A good rule of thumb for both of these issues is that if they are well controlled with medicine and treatment, affordable coverage is within reach. Many carriers have scores they use to determine what rate class should be given during the underwriting process. If you think some lifestyle modifications could help to improve your lab numbers, invest a few months in getting stable results.

Heart Attack

High Risk Life Insurance PolicyCarriers are looking for two specific factors when evaluating a case with heart attack history. They want to evaluate how deep the damage to the heart ran from that heart attack and they want to see an established follow up plan. This includes not only continued visits with the doctor, but also patterns of well-controlled blood pressure and cholesterol in addition to healthy nutrition and exercise. Don’t think that life insurance is totally out of the question when it comes to heart attacks- there are niche carriers that are willing to consider offering, especially if there are no other health issues in play.

High Risk Life Insurance – The Bottom Line

Insurance carriers realize that rarely does a person apply with perfect health, so they are flexible depending on their risk tolerance. One way to determine which carrier and product is the best fit for you is to work with an agent experienced in high risk life insurance. You’ll save yourself the headache and effort of trying to sort through details about the various carriers. An expert will know from their personal experience which carriers will be the most likely to offer favorable rates depending on your history, so don’t hesitate to make use of our many years of expertise in this field.  If you think you fall in to the high risk category you will need to call us directly at 401-884-4600, contact us via email, or use the Send Voice Mail option at the top of the screen and leave us a message.  We work hard to get you the more affordable term life insurance quotes possible.

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