How to get Cheap Term Life Insurance Rates Online

Is It Really Possible to Get Cheap Term Life Insurance Rates Online?

Although as a entire the life insurance industry has been slow to adapt to technology, now it’s easier than ever to investigate your life insurance options online and locate cheap term life insurance rates. This article includes several tips for making sure that you’re hunting for the best policy for your needs and will outline several example quotes so that you can get a sense of how an online quoting engine works.

Lock in Life Insurance sooner…then later

I always say…”You want to obtain cheap term life insurance rates as soon as possible”.  No, this isn’t a sales gimmick. Term life insurance rates are largely based on the current age and health of the applicant, so the younger you are, the better. Cheaper prices to “lock in the coverage” are much easier to come by for someone who is 30 years old versus 50 years old. The sooner you get your term life insurance policy, the sooner you’ll have the peace of mind that your family is protected.

And you can get as many quotes as you want, we don’t charge anything.  Cheap Term Life Insurance rates are a click away.  For a quick quote use the form to the right or click the button below.  Try the Detailed Quote form for a more indepth and accurate quote.

Compare Term Life Insurance Rates

Smoker or Obese? Here is what you need to do.

If you’re considering getting a term life policy sometime in the future but you are a smoker wanting to quit or someone who might fall into the obese category on a weight chart, consider investing a year in improving your health. You can still obtain cheap term life insurance rates by trying to change a few things. Most carriers require a certain period of time (typically 2 years of nonsmoking and a solid year of keeping the weight off) in order for certain rate classes to apply, but these are a few scenarios where it might be in your best interest to invest some time in changing. Smokers could achieve nonsmoker rates several years after quitting, and an obese individual may be able to jump one or two rate classes just by losing weight and keeping it off. Avoid activities that might be classified as “high risk”. These include skydiving, private aviation, or travel to certain countries that are identified as dangerous. If you disclose these on your application, or your plans to participate in them in the future, companies may place you at a higher risk class or decline coverage altogether.

Let’s walk through several sample quotes to see what factors influence the premium prices and what to consider when creating your plan of coverage.

First, let’s look at a quote for 53 year old male seeking 20 years of coverage at $500,000. This client is in great health and has no family history of problems or any history with tobacco. Choosing to pay the premium on a monthly basis, this is what his coverage options look like:

(example rates as of 4/1/2013)



Now let’s take a look at that same client, this time with the only changed factor being that he currently uses cigarettes and smokes them twice per day.

 (example rates as of 4/1/2013)

Cheap Term Life Insurance Rates

Look at the dramatic difference in monthly premium! See why it’s important to consider whether you can improve on those health issues in order to live longer and receive better premium prices?

The coverage amount you select should depend on a few factors. Most families will consider the lost income from that wage-earner and any outstanding debts. If you have children who are approaching their college years and you want to provide for their education, you should also include this in your estimation. Think carefully about whether the coverage amount you select will provide the replacement and financial security you decide. For example, it’s possible to think that $100,000 could serve your family in the event that the worst happens, but after paying debts and funeral costs, your family may struggle to make ends meet. Before submitting a quote, sit down and truly evaluate what you hope the life insurance proceeds will provide.

Now let’s examine the case of a 45 year old woman interested in $200,000 of coverage on a monthly basis. She’s in excellent health, except her mother passed away at age 65 due to cardiovascular disease issues.

(example rates as of 4/1/2013)

Cheap Term Life Insurance for 50 year old

Obtaining the Cheap Term Life Insurance Rates – Get Healthy – Save Money

As you can see, term life insurance coverage online can be extremely affordable for individuals in good health and even those with one or two issues in their family history.

Using our online term life insurance calculators you can begin the simple process of an online application. In a matter of just a few weeks, you can have the protection for your family’s future and all at a relatively low cost. Begin your search today using the Instant Life Insurance Quoter to the right of your screen, or call us at 1-401-884-4600 and we can help you over the phone.


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