Life Insurance Resources

Life Insurance Resources for planning your futureLife Insurance Resources for Financial Planning

There are many simple Life Insurance Resources and tools available online to help you stay on top of your budget, work towards retirement, and learn more about financial planning. Here are some favorite picks.

The LIFE Foundation

One of our favorite life insurance resources –  If you’re planning to get life insurance but you’re not sure about your needs and what should be factored into your face amount decision, check out this site for numerous tools, videos, and resources to help you get a grounding in life insurance.  You can also use our Life Insurance Needs calculator.

Doesn’t really fall in to the life insurance resources category.  But, mint is a secure site to help track your spending. Mint will also send you regular reminders of upcoming credit card payments and help you see where your money is being spent. For those looking to stay on a budget, Mint makes it much easier to find the areas where you can trim some fat. This tool is completely free and easy to use!

Retirement Calculator

Thinking long-term, and wanting to plan for your retirement? The process is overwhelming unless you use this free tool to see where the rubber meets the road for your retirement plan. Get a full view of where you’re headed and make adjustments to see how you can reach your retirement goals.

Mortgage Calculator

Check out this site to learn about purchasing, refinancing, and home equity as it relates to your home. Simply input the value, the loan amount, and the interest rate to get a sense of where you’ll come out.

Disability Insurance Needs Calculator

Another important life insurance resources for Disability Insurance. Don’t fall victim to think “it won’t happen to me”. Disability insurance is a must-have product that will provide you with benefits in the event of a disability rendering you unable to work. Since many people are unaware of how disability insurance works, this great calculator can help you learn more about your individual needs and see whether your current coverage is enough.


If you want to learn more about retirement planning, your spending, or taxes, check out this site with many educational resources for adults of all ages.  The tools section of the website has information about college savings and auto loan or lease calculators, too.

Get Out Of Debt Calculator

If you’re overwhelmed by credit cards and want to commit to  a plan paying them off, check out this tool where you can easily enter all of your information and set up a plan for paying off your card by certain amounts paid or in a certain time period.

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