How to get Cheap Term Life Insurance Rates Online

Is It Really Possible to Get Cheap Term Life Insurance Rates Online?

Although as a entire the life insurance industry has been slow to adapt to technology, now it’s easier than ever to investigate your life insurance options online and locate cheap term life insurance rates. This article includes several tips for making sure that you’re hunting for the best policy for your needs and will outline several example quotes so that you can get a sense of how an online quoting engine works.

Lock in Life Insurance sooner…then later

I always say…”You want to obtain cheap term life insurance rates as soon as possible”.  No, this isn’t a sales gimmick. Term life insurance rates are largely based on the current age and health of the applicant, so the younger you are, the better. Cheaper prices to “lock in the coverage” are much easier to come by for someone who is 30 years old versus 50 years old. The sooner you get your term life insurance policy, the sooner you’ll have the peace of mind that your family is protected.

And you can get as many quotes as you want, we don’t charge anything.  Cheap Term Life Insurance rates are a click away.  For a quick quote use the form to the right or click the button below.  Try the Detailed Quote form for a more indepth and accurate quote.
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Factors That Influence Term Life Insurance Rates

Term Life Insurance RatesThere are many different factors that influence term life insurance rates. Besides the risk that policyholders represent to the company as far as potential future claims, the carriers also look at their book of business and the goals they hope to achieve in order to accurately price their products.

I’ve put together a few of the factors listed below that influence Term Life Insurance Rates for different types of life insurance polices.

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There are options for term life insurance for smokers. Term Life Insurance Rates for smokers will likely be higher then a non-smoker.  Typically smokers fall in to the High Risk Life Insurance category. The most obvious ways that carriers break down the cost of term life insurance is by separating smokers from nonsmokers. Although most carriers will have their own approach to classifying these two rate classes, a general guideline is that those who have quit tobacco for a solid two years may be considered for nonsmoker rates.

Due to the increased risk of cancers and other diseases, tobacco users will pay more for their term life insurance.  There are affordable term life insurance quotes out there for smokers depending on the carrier. [Read more…]

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